White chocolate Popcorn Goodness! Valentines day edition!




well, today is the day your love for popcorn grows because this stuff is super yummy! Like- seriously there is something ’bout that sweet chocolate flavor laced with a subtle amount of salt. YUM! It’s also very easy so you can use this recipe anytime but, especially on Valentine’s Day or for parties! You can choose any kind of candy to accessorize ┬ábased on your theme. Today it’s conversation hearts & M&Ms because they scream Valentine’s Day. ..I’m listening to “Sugar” by Maroon 5 as I write this post- newest favorite from them. Love it for this post : )



These could easily be Superbowl Friendly by adding some brown M&M’s for football colors or in some cases the team colors if you can find them. Today would be Red or Blue mainly because both the Seahawks & Patriots have each of those colors among themselves!

Anywho. Here ya go!



Recipe & List of prep Tools:

  • 8 cups of popped popcorn. I used 4 mini microwave bags. Plain Jane low fat b/cause you don’t want added flavor.
  • 8 Ounces of White Chocolate in squares or Chopped
  • Sprinkles! I am using hearts & X&Os, & pink & read & white because of well, Valentine’s Day. Use whatever you want!
  • Salt (like a 1/2 teaspoon)
  • Pam or any cooking spray to coat your cookie sheet *Don’t leave this out*
  • Large Baking Pan (I used one half sheet but, two standard would be super!)
  • M&Ms & Conversation hearts (if you wish- they are fabulous without it!)
  • Paper bags for serving or individual cello bags to individual gifts & ribbon
  • LARGE bowl or 2

Start by popping your popcorn- you can choose to use fresh if you want but, I’m not picky about popcorn & easy peasy works for me. Get this poured into the BOWL(s).

Make sure that before you melt your chocolate you have laid out your sprinkles & any other things you plan to mix in. You will need to use the warmth of the chocolate to make everything “stick”.

Melt your chocolate by either 30 second intervals in the Microwave (Melt, stir, melt, stir, etc etc ) Be careful because it will get hot before you know it and it easily scorches. OR with a double boiler method over simmering water- stirring constantly & making sure the water doesn’t touch your bowl.WhitechocolateMelting


Man this is so easy- it’s just stupid easy! And taste professional like you bought it at a candy shop!!!

Pour the chocolate over the popcorn and using a spatula stir it up really well to distribute the chocolate. Immediately pour into your sprayed cookie sheet. This photo is BEFORE the sprinkles.. lack luster.


I used some pink Popcorn I had leftover from a baby shower here! Aint it lovely?


Get your sprinkles and start layering as evenly as possible and watch yourself get excited as you see how flipping cute it is! Then last evenly spread the salt so you add that final layer of flavor.




Let the popcorn rest for about an hour & then break it up to put into your bags of choice! (Or BOWLs!) This is where I added the conversation hearts & M&M’s.


I cut paper bags after I drew on them with chalk pens- they are super cute like this for your party! Put bags all over the place for your guests! You can also buy the cutest little felt bags for the little ones in the Target $1 section!! So cute!


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Make it soon- it would be great for Superbowl & great for birthday parties! I can’t wait to hear how much you LOVE the goodness in this recipe!

Happy Count-down to Valentine’s Day & here’s hoping the Seahawks beat the Patriots!





Pick up some of these to give your little ones a treat!!

Pick up some of these to give your little ones a treat!!


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