Tricking out your Porch for Halloween & A GiVeAwaY *Winner Announced* ! Day 3!

It’s finally Wednesday! This means we’re that much closer to Friday & that means I am almost 35!  This post is my most favorite yet because, I am talking about how many ways you can add touches of Halloween to your front porch and your yard if you’re that brave… :) At the end of the post there is a GIVEAWAY! Don’t miss it cause it’ll be at the very very end of this kind of long scroll-ly post!!!

Some years ago.. I won’t say many but, more than 5 and less than 10 I used to decorate as if we were going to be featured in a magazine. The yard was full of anything you could find & the porch along with it. We even managed to decorate all over the inside of the house for my annual Halloween/Birthday party.

There was a lot of drinks & a lot of food & a lot of MESS when it was all over with. .. like mess for days y’all. Now I’m a legit grown up, however, & more importantly have been given a new heart thanks to the Grace of Jesus-Halloween is focused more on how much I can add or think of that will impress the kids!

When I was a little girl and my dad would walk me and my sister through the various overly wealthy neighborhoods for candy he would eventually consume most of- it was like a fairy tale for me. Seriously. If we got to a house that was lit up and had scary stuff I was so excited! It was kind of like I got butterflies in my tummy because it was definitely scary but, I was kind of badd ass being born on Halloween, right? :)

So, this year is the first year in a very long time that I will get to spend my birthday and Halloween with my Dad! That in itself is the best gift I could ask for. We’ve had so much fun planning the decorations and going to every single store to pick up extra things we just must add. We still aren’t done but, I couldn’t help but, do a post about how much fun this is!  (Giveaway is further down!)

My grandmama -(i miss her so much!) made these -many many years ago. Really I think she made them once she learned her granddaughter was born on Halloween -and they’re truly a treasure to have every year.

Image 5

almost 35 years and it still is the ugliest witch ever!

Image 4 Image 7

Image 8Image 9Image 3Then I’ve added these creepy candle sticks! Don’t you love them?Image 2

Someone gave me the water globe & the tree I got years back at Hallmark. So this covers about everything inside the house. Now the outside…. that’s a whole other level!

I hope you enjoy these pictures and wish you could come trick or treating at my crib! You’re also not gonna find knock off candy here! We only give out the good stuff. Labels ONLY. :) Now Scroll Down for the GIVEAWAY!

traditional pumpkins are a given.

traditional pumpkins are a given.

the bats. let me tell you they are bad ass. And cheap!

the bats. let me tell you they are bad ass. And cheap!

street view.

street view.


this wreath which is just precious and a zombie backdrop :)

this wreath which is just precious and a zombie backdrop :)

IMG_5388IMG_5387IMG_5386IMG_5383 IMG_5381One of the most fun things I do sometimes is have a small Halloween dinner party! It gives me an excuse to send out invitations that are ghoulish & fancy at the sometime. It also allows me to bake for my guests- which is obviously my almost very favorite thing. SO. I want to help you make this happen next year! Even if you just have a party for your kids & their friends- I encourage you to make it fun! Halloween doesn’t have to be dark when you make it light & festive! So, the lucky winner will get the following all themed for HALLOWEEN!

  • a card stock banner
  • 3 Pinwheels
  • 8 Clothespins
  • 8 Paper straws with FLAGS!
  • 8 cupcake wrappers
  • 8 food pics or cupcake toppers
  • 8 invitations with envelopes (two designs)
  • 8 name cards for the table
  • 8 wraps for bottles (these are awesome for the adults!)
  • 8 treat bags
  • 8 sticker/embellishments
  • 2 delightful kitchen tea towels
  • some very cool burlap with spiders all over it
  • some extra straws with trick or treat signs in case you want to invite more than 8 people :)
  • and COOKIE CUTTERS! The set includes a tombstone, 2 cats, a spider, a bat , a ghost & a pumpkin. You know- the NECESSITIES!This prize pack is valued at $50 and I will ship it anywhere in the US to the lucky winner! Keep scrolling for instructions to win!

IMG_5401 IMG_5390

don't you hate it when you forget a major part of your picture? :)

don’t you hate it when you forget a major part of your picture? :)

To be entered in the drawing all you have to do is comment on this post and tell me what your favorite Halloween Candy is. That’s it!

To receive a bonus entry sign up to receive JenniferBakes via e-mail! That will give you two chances to win!

Winner will be chosen randomly Friday & announced on Saturday!

Happy Contest and Happy almost Halloween!



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  1. Sarah Maton says:

    I didn’t realize you were born on Halloween – how awesome! I’m sure the kids in your neighborhood will be excited to stop by your house this year :) My favorite Halloween candy is peanut butter M&Ms!

  2. Jes says:

    We will be stopping by your neatly decorated house.
    My favorite Halloween candy is ALL OF IT!! Well.. Except lollipops. I hate them.

  3. Rachel Maw says:

    I love holiday decorations! Your house looks great!! I love pretty much all candy, but my favorite candy is Twix and Snickers. :)

  4. Tory bair says:

    My favorite candy for halloween is Reese peanut butter cups, delicious! Btw I love the halloween decorations, especially the trick or treat sign!

  5. Donna Rackley says:

    Anything chocolate like mini snickers,almond joys. But my all-time back in the day was homemade popcorn balls! Yum yum!

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