Sugar Cookies! Why I say take the extra step & make your own dough! Day 4!

IMG_5462Happy Thursday lovelies! It’s really very close to Friday because true to tradition I am posting super late in the day.


One of my favorite things to bake for a customer is cookies. Decorated ones mainly because they literally can be anything you imagine.The above photo are one of the simplest ideas -a Chevron- but, you can transform them by a little color! (That’s the giveaway stuff in the background- have you entered to win??)

Anyway, while I was thinking about the things I wanted to teach or talk through about Halloween- cookies came to mind! So many parents make cookies with their kids and I think that is one sweetest ways to connect with them and engage them in conversations you may never have had should cookies not be involved. :)


I have two nephews- 14 and almost 16. For several years I make cookies with them on Christmas Eve. My sister thinks they will not be interested but, something about icing & sprinkles and the Christmas spirit brings that desire out of them!

I’m asked often how my cookies keep such a good shape & I always tell people- there are some extra steps involved but, so worth it for the final result.

I found the below pack of dough in Harris Teeter a few months ago & I thought … I wonder how these will be.IMG_5261


So, let me show you. These are not only a hot mess to handle they are also full of extra filler you don’t need to consume! You can tell just looking at the dough that it’s kind of sketch…


First negative- they have holes. That’s a problem immediately because you can’t cut into that section. Tears happen when you roll your own dough but, it’s much more forgiving and you can easily redo it. The packaged stuff-not so much. In the words of a very famous former child actor “I’ll give it a whirl”.. (If you don’t know that quote it’s okay because not everyone has watched Home Alone as many times as me)


IMG_5279 IMG_5277 IMG_5270 I made that one image bigger so you can see the texture more. It’s just kind of weird but, they taste and smell exactly like the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough I have used before. I went to cutting out the shapes. they looked okay at this point & I was curious if they had hope of being awesome.

I put them in the freezer for 15 minutes before baking them. (I do this all the time with my recipe- it keeps the shape!)

And even though I kept the dough chilled they still went puffaluffagus on me. That’s a bat, Ghost, & a pitiful broom. I made them into sandwich cookies by adding some orange buttercream and rolled them in sprinkles. These will get the job done & be eaten for sure but, if you’re a perfectionist about presentation like myself.. they just piss you off honestly.



IMG_5512I won’t post every comparison but, look at the witches. You will be relying much more on your artistic skill to bring the shape together but, it’s not terrible. The worst one is the Chevron shape. I just have to laugh at this one. : )




Side by side comparison I hope you can see the difference in homemade dough and the packaged junk:


IMG_5274 IMG_4363So. Search the web for a basic sugar cookie recipe. There are tons on Pinterest and remember these things:

  • Make your dough and let it chill for 45 minutes in the fridge
  • Take it out and allow it to warm about ten minutes and immediately start to use it
  • Cut your shapes and transfer them to a cookie sheet
  • Put them in the freezer for 15 minutes and then bake them!

I have even more steps involved in mine because if someone is going to spend money on them I think they should be as close to perfect shape as possible but, if you just add the above into your dough-it will make a huge difference.


IMG_5523 IMG_5515 IMG_5469 IMG_5466 IMG_5432 IMG_5426

Sincerely, I love making these- even though they take a long time. I think they’re worth it!

Day 5 is tomorrow- because tomorrow- is HALLOWEEN! It’s also so long to 34. : ) Make sure you comment what your favorite Halloween candy is to be entered to win the super sweet party prize package! THeres a cake stand too!! Don’t miss out! >>>>   GIVEAWAY!

Good night friends.

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