Spicy Sausage and Cream Cheese Pepper Dip

I’m gonna call this the Basil’s COPYCAT Sausage Dip!

Sausage Dip w/ Grilled Pita Bread.

Sausage Dip w/ Grilled Pita Bread.


So there is this local restaurant in Greenville, NC where I live called Basils. It’s got great italian food & the thing I believe it’s most popular for is the many dip varieties they make fresh! There is one I’ve had there for years & I decided this week I would make my own version and see how good it was. It’s fabulous- not as good as theirs because lets be honest I don’t know their secret blends of spices but, it is definitely a close second!

The slight heat of the sausage is just perfect & the blend of tomatoes & peppers add so much flavor. I strongly suggest using good branded sausage & cheese- it really matters in the final result!  This is great serves with Tostitos also if you don’t feel like tackling the grilled pita bread.  I made this the morning of and re-heated for the folks coming over! Let me tell you- this is perfect crockpot dip. Put all of it together and let it melt on low for several hours; Not only will it blend to perfection but, when your friends come over they’ll be ready to eat! Smells so so good!


  • About 1 pound of Hot Italian Sausage cooked. I used Johnsonville Hot & removed the casings. (Don’t be a wimp- it’s totally great)
  • 8 ounces Cream Cheese (Kraft Philadelphia Brand)
  • 4 ounces grated Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar
  • 4 ounces grated Cabot Monterey Jack Cheese
  • half of an orange bell pepper diced
  • 4 roma tomatoes- Seeded and diced
  • chopped green jalapeño (Old El Paso Brand- I wouldn’t use fresh cause it’s not necessary for this recipe)
  • pinch of cayenne
  • 1/4 teaspoon of each: Onion powder, garlic powder & salt & pepper
  • OR 2 teaspoons of Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning SALUTE. (So good!)
  • 2 tablespoons each olive oil & unsalted butter.

IMG_8955 IMG_8949 IMG_8971 IMG_8957


Johnsonville HOT Sausage! Best ever!

Johnsonville HOT Sausage! Best ever!


Cook your sausage until nice & crumbly kind of like hamburger. Use grease from Sausage to sauté the pepper & tomato until tender.


IMG_8930Layer the ingredients into your pot and turn it on medium. I would add only 1/2 the cheese initially and then as it melts add the rest. It’s super easy. You’re gonna watch the goodness become the best dip you could ever imagine!

Goodness. Yum doesn't say enough!

Goodness. Yum doesn’t say enough!


Take a grill pan if you have it or a cast iron skillet if you have it (or any pan honestly) and heat it up to medium high with 2 tablespoons of garlic oil. Once the oil heats add garlic & 2 table spoons of butter.

IMG_8979 IMG_8981Once it’s toasting (which will be quick) cut it into wedges & repeat process until you have enough. I am using about 4 pitas total.


IMG_9023 IMG_9015Don’t be angry when you realize this may be your new favorite dip to take to potluck because it will be! It’s not healthy but, it’s definitely SUPERBOWL appropriate!

Can’t wait to hear how much you love this & hope you’ll visit Basil’s @ www.itsbasils.com and see how awesome this locally owned business is!

Happy Superbowl Sunday- Go Seahawks!



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