Currently Crushing – First Edition!

Currently Crushing (3)

Happy Friday, Y’all! I am so excited to start this new monthly blog post, Currently Crushing! It’s different and fun and will hopefully help you guys learn more about me while also hearing about all the randomness my mind obsesses over or appreciates in the world. It’s also going to be where I may update you on my life. If you’ve never heard this term because let me help you define it before you continue reading. To “crush on something” is to obsess and go on and on about. To desire it or wear it out basically. When your home-slice keeps talking about the last dessert they ate or drive you insane because they won’t stop playing the same song on repeat, they’re Crushing! I’m pretty sure it derives from the ability to have a crush on someone… but, I digress.

I can’t tell you how many songs or cool gadgets or super cute accessories I have found by someone in my life or my Insta feed recommending it! I’d love to hear your obsessions and suggestions for me also! I have been kind of quiet this July because I am moving! I am also down-sizing which is always difficult so right now my sweet house is a mess of boxes and piles. I move in 3 days though so August is going to be packed full of way good food including  a tribute to Julia Child as well as a FUN announcement!! Pray for my heart as I prepare to invite y’all into this new adventure please.


So, scroll on for all things I am Currently Crushing. I’ve broken it down into categories but, this is a new feature on the blog so don’t be surprised if it changes in August! Also, please know if you choose to order any of the items I’ve linked I will receive a small commission but, that doesn’t cost you anything!!


Currently Craving:
Starburst Gummies
Mercy me y’all these are just wrong. They’re so dang good and so much fun to eat. They’re kinda squishy and square which is unlike the normal gummies I’ve ever had. Also, random but, when I eat traditional Starburst candies, I do not eat orange or lemon. Same with skittles- I don’t eat the purple or green or orange or lemon. I give them away or (gasp) I trash em. But, the gummies- I am finishing all flavors. Please take them away from me!




Trader Joe’s Oven-Baked Cheese Bites:

Also known as one of the best things that will ever grace your lips! They’re super crunchy so they fulfill any kind of craving you have for a chip or a crunchy carb but, they are ALL cheese! They’re so good that anytime I get them they don’t last but, a day or so! (Pitiful, really) They are without carbs and great if you’re looking for protein packed snacking.





Currently Smitten:

Urban Decay Eye Primer: SIN




Let me tell you why I love this! So many reasons! 1. I have oily eye lids apparently. The rest of my skin is more mixed and dry but, apparently your eye-lids can be completely different. Because of this. if I do not use primer on my lids the color is never dark from the beginning and it fades fast. I Use Urban Decay Black Market shade and it’s not pretty when it rubs off. 2.This specific shade, Sin, is tinted with a subtle pink and a little shimmer. It’s gorgeous on its on or as your primer. These days I wear it with just the black market on my lower lid and that’s it! So, I’m also saving $ and eye shadow when I don’t use another color. 3. It’s also great for subtle shimmer in those random places near your eyes or cheeks! Let’s be honest, I’ll be  Currently Crushing this for life.


Gorgeous Pouch by Katie Loxton-

Mint “ooh La La”



Ohh La La is right! This is such a dreamy little clutch of sorts. These days I am always obsessing over small clutches or purses even though inevitably I end up dragging around another bag that can support my blogging resources and laptop. This clutch has really great design and the colors are super trendy! I use this whenever I’m going out for a meal or running errands because it fits the basic thangs!


Precious little Fold Over Clutch  by Little Brick House Shop!



This girl has an Etsy shop and also randomly does flash sales on her Insta! This is my first ever purchase but, it won’t be the last because since I received it I am smitten. The coolest thing about her goods to me is her variety. She has numerous fabrics to choose from and several leather choices! She also adds straps and buttons if you’d like for a small fee! Go see her on Etsy and tell her Jenniferbakes sent you! (Click the photo above to see her shop!)


Currently finding daily joy: Flowers ! Especially these! I took these photos on my iPhone. I hope they make you smile as much as they do for me!







Currently Jamming on Repeat!
Forgiven: Crowder- American Prodigal Album
This song reaches my heart as a daughter of Christ because it’s lyrics are so valid and is full of truth of how much 1. Jesus has done for us and 2. that we maintain the knowledge each one of us needs His grace. Also, it’s kinda great to sing in belting worship fashion.


Perfect: Ed Sheeran – Divide Album
Should the Lord ever bless me with a husband, which I fully believe he will I am fairly certain we’ll be dancing together to this song. It’s lovely and sweet and perfect for a slow dance with your boo thang.

Bad Liar: Selena Gomez- Single Song
Y’all! This song makes me want to dance and confession… I do. ;) I will often jones over a song and start using it to my get ready routine in the morning. If you’re looking for a song to jump start your morning this one will do the trick! I warn you though, it’s way catchy and even now just sharing this I have the song repeating in my head.

I shall Not Want: Audrey Assad- Evergreen Album
This song title says it really, right? This one just is great for anxiety over the future and moments when you feel like things are chaos around you. We have our savior and He is always enough no matter what circumstance. Also, her voice is just way purdy!


Currently Wishing:

I can make these recipes! I’ve been obsessing over making them and hoping they happen soon. They’re drool worthy and decadent and just lovely. They are also bloggers that inspire me to keep writing and creating because one day I could be on their level of food blogger! Please visit them and tell them Jenniferbakes sent you!


This is one of the most beautiful pictures of Rolls I’ve ever seen. I also laughed several times reading the posts from Displaced HouseWife.  I’m wondering how they’ll turn out with Strawberries or Blackberries instead of Raspberry?! @ Displacedhouswife has skills for sure. Click the picture to get to the recipe!



Photo Cred: DisplacedHousewife



I am drooling over this amazing dish from @ NoCrumbsLeft. I am not sure my pockets can afford this right now but, it’s definitely happening on Vacation this October! I am always so sad for people who can’t eat crab or shrimp because of allergies and dumbfounded by those who just say they don’t like it. Click the image to see the recipe!


Photo Credit- No Crumbs Left



I about lost my mind when I saw these intense looking beauties! Caramel anything always wins my vote but, these brownies are going to be made soon because how can I not? @Halfbakedharvest also does some beautiful photo styling and I am hopeful to get there soon! Click the image for her recipe!


Photo Cred: HalfbakedHarvest


I truly hope you enjoyed this step into my heart and mind and obsessions and all things I am Currently Crushing ! If you’ve not subscribed please sign up to the top right or send me a comment and I’ll add you! There is a sweet freebie printable you will receive and you’ll be notified via Newsletter each month of ll things I am Currently Crushing, baking or cooking.


All my love.





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  1. Hayley says:

    I love this! I’m currently thinking about doing a monthly update as well and I love what you did here. The brownies look delicious! I plan to try them out soon! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you, Hayley! I have struggled to try and post from the heart but, it is coming for 2018! I am working on it and this was a fun way to get started! Thank you for commenting!

  2. Katrina says:

    Omg, I wish I could unsee the gummy starburst! I really didn’t even know these existed and now I MUST have them. Seriously though, great idea for a post!

  3. Herlina Kwee says:

    I LOVE LOVE “I shall not want.” Especially after losing the life that I had built for 16 yrs and lost everything. It helped me remember that He is the God that gives and takes away.

    I love Songs by Crowder too. One time the band showed up in our church. At that point, I hadn’t seen their videos, but I had been listening to their songs on the radio so I didn’t know what they looked like. So that day at church, the service started with them on stage. At first I thought, why did we have this guy with full on beard on the stage or something? Then they started singing a song that I knew. “Oh….” :)

  4. Sarah says:

    As someone who finds make-up more confusing than…hmmm…than trying to make an analogy for something confusing obviously…I love it when other ladies share make-up and accessory tips! Thanks for the info on your eyelids. Who knew oily lids was a thing?! Also, I love Audry Assad! I forgot about that beauty of a song!

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