The Best Guacamole Recipe EVER!

best guacamole ever

Happy Wednesday, y’all! The Best Guacamole Ever has been making Wednesdays brighter for a while now!

You know what makes any wonky day  better for me? Knowing that when it ends I am going to make Mexican food for supper! Mexican food always improves my mood and  tonight I’m having Quesadillas & some of the Best Guacamole EVER! What can I say about Guacamole other than: joy and grace for our tummies y’all.  It’s healthy and comes together in less than 15 minutes and makes any Mexican food night better or a great snack in general if you want to make it for no good reason at all. It’s addictive and thankfully healthy!

I must confess to y’all. For over 30 years of my life I refused to try Avocado or Guacamole. Is that not one of the saddest things I could tell you? I didn’t enjoy the amazing gift of grace that is home made Guacamole.

best guacamole ever

Somehow I consumed Mexican food for years without this blessing y’all!   I assumed it was gross because of the texture since I am such a picky texture eater. It was just never appealing. One night several years ago I attended a birthday party at a local Mexican restaurant and watched them make it table-side. I was mesmerized because I’m obviously all about learning to make something new to me and since I was able to see how it was made and what went in- I tried it. Holy moly I was hooked! I ordered a 2nd for the table it was so good.

This recipe for the Best Guacamole Ever though, takes the prize.

best guacamole ever

As a nation we  could live on it some days I believe but, I do not.  I debate weekly becoming a person who only eats Mexican food as well- for the record. I will often go back to this restaurant and order just guacamole and chips as my entire meal. ANYWAY,  after watching them make it for many many times I started making it myself. It’s super easy & really healthy since Avocado is a good fat.

Please make it next time you’re craving a bowl of quac! Please tell me if you do and tell me what you do to make it your own. This recipe makes enough for 3-5 depending on level of consumption! I!

best guacamole ever

FYI and what not:

  • If you can’t find ripe avocados place them into a brown paper bag. They should be soft enough by the end of the day if you place them in there first am!
  • Be mindful not to buy MUSHY avocado because, that isn’t always a good thing. Tender but, not mushy!
  • Immediately salt and lime juice your avocado once you remove it from the skin! Don’t be afraid of salt because this brings out a ton of flavor.
  • Keep your Pits! This is THE only way to keep your Guacamole from browning when you make it ahead or keep leftovers! Simply throw them inside and on top of your guac and this will keep it green for a couple days!
  • Use Red Onion if you have it because it’s lovely to the eyes and I think taste the best.
  • Add your tomatoes at the very end once you’ve mixed everything else. They are full of water and making them mushy will lose alot of the flavor.
  • I prefer to make mine chunky which means I don’t mix it to creaminess. If you want creamy guac often I find a blender or food processor is best but, again you lose some flavor.
  • If you have a pasty cutter use it for the avocado! It’s really great for “mushing” but, not making too creamy so you still have small chunks.
  • Double the recipe if you’re smart- it’s really the best Guacamole Ever

best guacamole ever


The BEST Guacamole E.V.E.R!

Rating: 51

15 minutes

15 minutes

Yield: 4 Cups of Guacamole

The BEST Guacamole E.V.E.R!


  • 3 Large Ripe Avocados
  • 1 medium Roma Tomato - seeded/diced.
  • 1/4 of a red onion finely diced unless you like it chunkier and you can cut them larger
  • 1/4 Cup chopped Cilantro -no stems please
  • 2-3  small limes (to taste)
  • salt (I usually use 1/2 -1 teaspoon but, you make it to your liking)
  • 1 garlic clove minced
  • 1 small jalapeño -seeded and chopped (Or leave the seeds if you if you like it spicy!)


  1. Slice open avocado and scoop out the pulp into your bowl.
  2. Immediately salt the avocado and squeeze one entire lime over the pulp.
  3. Using a fork or pasty blender if you have it and mash the pulp until you're happy with it's consistency. I like mine chunky! Keep it mind you're also not done mixing so it will be less chunky as you go.
  4. Take Avocados and scoop their contents into the bowl. Switch to a spoon and mix some more to blend the salt/lime juice.
  5. Now add the onions, garlic, cilantro.
  6. Mix them in gently and then add salt and at least 1 more lime. Sometimes, I add 3 depending on the size of lime. Taste and remember your tortilla chips will be salty also.
  7. When all of this is blended in you will add your tomato. Mix in gently because if you mush them or beat them too much it will water down the glorious guacamole you've now made!
  8. Serve immediately or keep covered in the fridge until ready to consume.
  9. Note: Keeping your avocado pits in the guacamole will keep it from turning brown!


best guacamole ever

Try and keep yourself from digging in instantly, it’s really hard to not just eat the entire bowl because it is such a fresh flavorful treat! It really is the Best Guacamole Ever, friends.

Can’t wait for your feed back on this! It’s something you will eat all Summer now that you know how super easy it is!

All my love,




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  1. Kate Fabian says:

    I’ve never tried guacamole in our tortilla chips, mostly my kids love salsa or cheese dips. Your recipe is interesting and easy to follow and I will try this at home and hopefully they gonna love it because avocados are very nutritious. :)

  2. Kaylyn says:

    WAIT. This is almost the exact recipe that I make! My bestfriend taught it to me a couple years ago. And I’m OBSESSED. The only difference is that I add black pepper. But that’s just because I literally add black pepper to everything. Lol.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hey! I bet adding pepper is a great addition. It’s funny how the basics of Guacamole shouldn’t vary but, some people add all sorts of things and completely change it. I am a huge fan of simple is best. Happy Wednesday, Kaylyn!

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